Hi Need help Omen 15 vbios or bios

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    Hello guys Im hoping that you can help me I have an Omen 15 i8750h with a GTx 1060 max Q that took a bad vbios flash using nvflash64.exe
    this laptop has a dedicated GPU and no igpu option Hp stated thats only for gtx 1050 or lower
    After the bad vbios flash I have a black screen I cannot get into bios I acquired a ch341a usb programmer and clip with 1,8v adapter I dont know if I should flash the vbios file or regualr hp system bios
    and I dont know if there are separate chips for my motherboard L10770-601
    So my dilemma flash a vbios file or bios file and where is it ? I hope someone can help me out I really love this laptop and right now in this pandemic I gotta try and restore it thanks

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