Hi I'm really lost here - My External SSD's are both running at 35MB/s on my T480 on the USB 3 ports

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by t61jaws, Jun 13, 2021.

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    I can't get my head around this - Just a week ago My External Samsung SSD's started running slow on my T480

    Is it time to call repair man? I have on site warranty 11 months left!!

    I tested them on my T420

    What did not work:

    Speed checked with CrystalDisk 6

    1. Checked both USB 3.0 ports on T480 Speed 35MB/s +
    2. Tried on powered USB 3.0 hub T480 Speed 35MB/s +
    3. Windows updated/Lenovo Vantage updated
    4. USB devices - using the latest (So I think)
    What Worked:

    1. T420 USB 2 ports managed 200MB/s+ on both SSD's
    2. T420 Samsung Magician checked the drives Via Power Ultra Bay - The SM utility refuses to work on non powered external SSD
    3. T480 My external Seagate 6tb HD works fine on USB 3.0 reporting 200MB/s+
    4. T480 SSD's work fine on a 'USB-C' HUB type C hub with USB 3.0 ports x 3 300MB/s +
    T480 Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type 20L6

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