[Help] Razer Blade Dual HDMI over Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Razer' started by stranula, Nov 26, 2019.

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    I connect my RB15 mid 2019 to dual monitors at work and was hoping to move to a single plug solution. I purchased this in hopes of fulfilling this desire. It works for every other system I've tried it on, but the RB15 doesn't recognize the display is connected.

    Has anyone else tried using dual HDMI via the thunderbolt port and had success?
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    tldr: this worked for me, also razer thunderbolt does not do multi stream apparently

    i was looking into buying an mst for razer as well and forum users and sellers said thunderbolt multi display adapters only supports one output from razer and some other models, while working fine on some other laptop models. so what you're experiencing is normal.

    search for dongles or docks using DisplayLink DL 6950. it supports dual 4k60 signals via usb3. you'll find models with hdmi and displayport on one side and usb3 or usbc on the other. i went for usb3 in for max compatibility [easy to use an adapter for usbc, even comes in the box with my model] and hdmi out because i was using it in an hdmi application and wanted to keep it simple. the displayport version allows you to go up to 5k on one monitor that has two diaplayport inputs and support this, besides the dual 4k60 mode. the one i bought was l U3DUAL4KHDMI. here are more versions. not great for first person shooters but other types of gaming might work. great for productivity. lag seems close to a good bluetooth mouse, noticeable but not an issue except gaming. if you have two monitors side by side, one connected to a native output and one connected to such a device, you'll notice the difference, but since you're using both on the same adapter you won't. also you said it's your workplace so it should be fine for you.
    this adapter will work because it's not displayport input signal, so razer mst limitations do not apply. the usbc model might work as well if it is not using the displayport video signal, just the regular usb data stream.
    one other advantage is that this dongle bypasses the nvidia outputs limitation. you can usually have max 4 outputs on a gtx/rtx [8 on quadro], in your case one monitor and three external, but this adapter adds 2 outputs over that limitation. probably not of interest to you but maybe others looking for this. i have three, different models, all work simutaneously.

    maybe not the case with rb15 but my rb14 had the thunderbolt running to the processor, not straight to nvidia. the screen as well, everthing was driven through the intel graphics, except the hdmi. so even though the processing was done by nvidia it went out through the intel graphics card on the screen and on thunderbolt. my razer blade 15 was to annoying for me, sold it after a week so i can't verify now, but if that's still the case with rb15, then the intel graphics limitations might apply to everything you're trying to do with nvidia [when using the screen or the thunderbolt output]. that's logical, but other illogical issues like single output on mst might appear.
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