Help needed after a failed BIOS flash on P970EF

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by Aziraphale, May 21, 2019.

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    Good day everyone,

    I am a tech-savvy enthusiast, that likes to read, research and then update things.
    I have flashed BIOSes, ROMs, Booloaders, Car Navigations, as well as the regular various electronics updates via unconventional methods. I don't code myself, but I am generally good at following flash guides without asking tons of (annoying) questions.

    However, all good things come to an end and I have finally managed to produce my first BRICK.

    I have done a BIOS flash on an almost brand-new Clevo P970EF that went wrong and I am now unable to boot.
    I have downloaded the BIOS/EC update files off official Clevo ftp server and later found them on a Clevo re-sellers (One-K) webpage. Binary comparison showed them to be exactly the same, so I presumed it was safe to proceed.

    I have first flashed EC firmware 1.07.05 first and it went well.
    I was using the efi method as described here:
    I have then unplugged the AC and waited for 10 min to presumably reset the EC. The system booted up well.
    I shut down again and proceeded with the BIOS flash.
    I have forgotten to put the AC back in (I think this is the reason for what happened), booted into EFI shell and ran MESET.efi.. According to procedure, the machine should have turned off and then on again. It only went off, but not on. So I manually powered it on again and re-run MESET.efi. Again, it turned off, but not on. So I powered on again and this time went ahead with FLASHME.efi. The update started and it was saying something about the file being longer (I was somewhat distracted at this point...). It asked Y(es) to continue? I wanted to read first, but unfortunately it was on timer. Sensible way is that timer defaults to NO, but this one defaulted to YES and the flash started. I think machine might have turned off and then on again, but there was a black screen with progress indicator. The message was PC model old P97xEx (or similar) BIOS 1.07.02 and PC Model new P97xEx (or similar) BIOS new 1.07.04. I was sure I am on the right track. However the progress indicator reached 38% and the machine went dark. It is at this point that I realised that AC power is not on and plugged it back in, but I guess it was too late. Machine never came back on and I am now in the infinite boot loop with no screen and no nothing. Just power button and keyboard light up for about 5-7 seconds, nothing else, no screen, no fans and it reboots again.

    @John@OBSIDIAN-PC has offered to help, but I need to ship machine to him, which is at this point is not feasible due to my geographical location (S.Korea).
    I was hoping that Forum common knowledge may come up with some alternative solutions other than physical removal of the chip (desoldering).
    Perhaps @Prema could have some advice?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You would need a clip on programmer and a full BIOS file at this point.

    Your reseller is the source of all firmware.

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