help me to find this laptop!

Discussion in 'Notebook and Tech Bargains' started by asal lotfi, Dec 4, 2018.

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    hello everyone.
    according to this thread:

    i think i just accidentally found a image that looks so close to that device in the pic in that thread,
    i found it on a website that people use it to sell/buy notebooks and stuff
    tried to call the owner but he didn't answer me! :/
    just tried to call the owner again, he answered me
    he didn't know the model.. OMFG!
    but he said this laptop has 2GB of ram and 500GB of HDD and it's a 2012 model.
    i'm really hopeful to know if is this laptop has upgradable internals for example:
    8-16GB of ram and 500GB SSD

    can anyone help me? what model is this laptop? any additional link would be appreciated as well :)
    as i can see, this laptop is ACER branded and as the owner wrote about it, it has a core i3 processor.
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  2. Danishblunt

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    The one on the picture is not the same as in the series. In the series that's an HP elitebook or pavilion and the picture is some version of the acer swift or even a series before that, the notebook on that picture is extremely old.

    Why do you want to know tho?
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