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Discussion in 'HP' started by isko, Apr 8, 2018.

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    Hi to all im new here :)

    I would like to buy a new gameing laptop. And im choosing between:

    1. HP Omen X 17 ( i7 7820HK, 16GB ram, GPU 1080, 1TB Hdd + 256ssd) - medium cost - 2200 usd

    2. Asus G701VI-XB72K (i7 7820HK, 32GB Ram, GPU 1080, 512ssd) - higher cost - 2500 usd

    3.ASUS ROG Strix GL702VI-WB74 (i7 7700HQ, 16GB Ram, GPU 1080, 1TB hdd + 256ssd) - low cost - 1800usd

    4. MSI GT73 Titan Pro

    So for now I hade Asus G751JY. It was fantastic Gameing laptop. So I sell it and I want to buy a new one.

    For the price range I have 2200 USD and i try to buy best what I can. When I start to research whic one, first I chose GL702 - but I read that have so many problems and heating problems, so I skip it.

    Then I chose MSI GT73 Titan Pro, but I read that have very bad display and I skip it.

    Then are left HP OmenX17 and Asus G701. So the main question is which one? This Asus is the same quality like my old one, and I read it doesent have some problem like GL702.

    But I never had Omen and dont know so much about Omen X17 with 1080GPU. Can someone tell me a bad things about these laptops, and what is better to chose?

    Can you tell me somerhing more about HP Omen X17, whether it warms up? Did have some negative sides?

    Or maybe you will chose some other Gaming Laptop? You can suggest it.

    Thx a lot

    Sorry for bad English

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