Help me not buy a car

Discussion in 'Motorized Vehicles' started by knight427, Jan 29, 2014.

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    My dad has a 2004 Accord LX (2.4L/5AT) with just over 240,000 miles on the clock. Other than a few minor electrical issues (faulty airbag warning light/sensor, overhead interior lighting no longer works) and the stereo dying last fall, it has been rock-solid reliable. I replaced the stereo with a one from a salvage vehicle for $100 and my mechanic fixed the warning light/sensor for about $75.

    Mechanically, it’s still rock-solid reliable. It doesn’t burn any noticeable amount of oil between oil changes every 5k (he uses full synthetic) and the transmission still shifts like new. He had a ’92 Accord EX with 360k miles on it before this one and it was still a great car. The transmission was replaced at 280k and the A/C compressor was replaced around 200k, but that’s all. The last I heard, the guy who bought it was well over 450k miles and still driving it…

    So you probably can get a few more years out of your Accord, but I certainly relate to WANTING a new car anyway! Continuing to drive the Accord would be the most cost efficient choice, but if you want and can afford a new vehicle, then you have every right to decide whether you want to spend your money on one! =)

    I’ll also give you my $.02 (or more) on each of the cars you mentioned in your original posting-

    The Infiniti G37x is the speed demon of the group with 328hp. It also handles great and has a solid reliability record. It’s also a bit of a gas guzzler and the interior materials aren’t quite as ‘premium’ as most competitors.

    The Lexus IS250 AWD has significantly less interior space than the others. My best friend had a 2008 IS250 RWD and the 204hp 2.5L V6 was adequate, but didn’t not in the same league as the Infiniti or Volvo. The AWD model would be a bit slower and fuel economy ratings are only slightly better than the Infiniti.

    The Volvo S60 T5 is my personal favorite. The turbo 5-cylinder puts out 250hp and, more importantly, 266lb-ft of torque at a very low 1800rpm. The G37x has more hp, but only 269lb-ft of torque peaking at 5200rpm.

    The Volvo S60 T5 AWD does 0-60 in 6.2 sec vs. 5.4 for the G37x (the IS250 AWD is over 8.0sec). The interior of the S60 is very nice and the seats (thrones) are among the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced.

    The Volvo also gets significantly better fuel economy than the others (29mpg hwy vs. 25-26mpg). The only potential issue is that the S60 T5 wasn’t available with AWD until the 2013 model year, only the T6 had AWD prior to that.

    You can lease a new 2014 S60 Premier AWD for around $3500 due at signing and $319/month for 36 months. The new 2015 V60 Wagon Premier AWD is around $349/month for the same term and down payment. Volvo also includes all scheduled maintenance for the the lease period.
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