[Help] Egpu fan running all the time

Discussion in 'e-GPU (External Graphics) Discussion' started by Ilker58, May 26, 2017.

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    Hi, I already searched in forum but I couldn't find any information about my problem. I'm a newbie to this egpu things I have beast 8.4 dock and gtx 1080 gpu, 650W psu also my laptop is Monster brand, i7 4700mq, 16gb ram and gtx 760m. I plugged every electrical cables and plugged the mpcie cable to the wifi card's port. When I turn on the psu, gpu's fans start running without turning on the laptop. When I turn on the laptop, it doesn't give me any error or boot problem. It's working normal but doesn't detect the egpu. What could be the problem? Do I miss something? Thank you for your opinions from now.
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