[HELP]Dead Alienware 17 (2013) by EVGA Percision X GPU Tool[REQUEST]

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by capo245, May 6, 2018.

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    "but if this laptop is so valuable when it comes to your studies, what the hell are you doing screwing around w/it?" it worked oced for over 3 years without any fault, and the risk for the oc itself would be none i thought since i only overclock+undervolt until i reach the stock voltage limit and temps wont increase since the voltage is the same. But yeah youre right it wasnt smart by me.
    "bring it to your campus computer tech's"
    The ingeneers who broke the powercable were the campus computer tech guys.
    I dont really understand what you meant with getting a new keyboard but my english is also pretty bad.
    Youre right i mean 20$ for a new powerbutton and then get somehow past the post(which numerous people archived on the same maschine with the same brick in this forum) and reflash the edid vs 1000$ for a new similar capable laptop is always the better choice even if you have the money.
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    I was referring to the Electrical Engineers at his school, and who broke the cable.

    Electrical Engineers are not Electronic Engineers, nor are they technicians, who tend to be experienced when it comes to "physically" working on electronics.

    Tech's and engineers are not the same. When you mentioned Electrical Engineers, I understood it as just that.

    Sometimes the cables are soldered to the keyboard, so if the cable is broken, it would be easier to replace the keyboard assembly. If on the other hand, the cable is a separate piece, then of course, try to replace it if you can find a one.

    Good Luck, and once again, if you can get it working again, leave it alone, and quit messing w/it. ;)


    I'm not criticizing what he did here, and hopefully, he'll get it fixed, thanks to your help here.

    Once again, the people who he gave the laptop to, he referred to as Electrical Engineers, and not Electronic, nor as Tech's. They're not the same.

    If he does get it fixed, he shouldn't mess around w/it anymore since it is so valuable for his education.
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