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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Xellon, Dec 19, 2017.

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    Hello everyone.

    Basically, as the title says, having trouble getting my laptop to turn on. It takes me a good 20 minutes before it turns on and I don't really know why.

    When I press the power button, the laptop power light icon blinks once but then nothing happens. I press the power button several times afterwords and nothing, no lights or anything. But after like a few minutes, I press the power button once again, it blinks again, but then nothing happens.

    So I tried a few troubleshooting I saw on google.

    I unplugged the laptop, hold down the power button, plugged it back in but same thing happens. However, I noticed that whenever I unplug the laptop and plug it back in, the light at least blinks once (remember I mentioned it doesn't blink at all after one press before). So I unplugged, press power, unplug, press power, repeat till it turns on.

    I'm worried if I leave it like this, it won't ever come on. I'm assuming I need to replace something in my laptop but I'm not sure what.

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