Has anyone seen Mythlogic recently?

Discussion in 'Reseller Feedback Forum' started by budgetGamer, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Few days ago I had submitted a RMA request to support@mythlogic.com, but I still haven't received a single response for the instruction, thus I tried doing the options following:

    Checked on their live support website, live support is not available
    Hit on their Facebook page and messenger, no response
    Hit on their Twitter page, no response
    Emailed to their sales@mythlogic.com, no response
    Start a conversation with their account on NotebookReview forum here, still no response
    Emailed to two of the employees there in the hope of response, no response
    Called their phone number, received "the person you are trying to reach is unavailable" in British accent

    Are they going out of business? Where are they?
    What am I suppose to do with my defective Mythlogic laptop then?
    Hopefully I will get some response here.

    Thank you
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