Has anyone heard of the eMachines D730G?

Discussion in 'eMachines' started by cy007, May 13, 2010.

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  1. cy007

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    When I saw a review of it in a computer magazine, my jaw dropped.

    Core i3, 330m, 14" 720p, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD, and DVD Super Multi DL all for US$770? Design-wise it's nothing to write home about, since they're almost identical to the Timeline X minus the aluminum palmrest and lid.

    So has anyone heard anything about this laptop? Or is this an Asian exclusive?
  2. qhn

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    Possible. Acer does own Gateway/eMachines.

    cheers ...
  3. LiamAcer

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    Bit of a thread revival...

    I have got this laptop, I got it passed to me from my dad who got it from Thailand and from what I have researched about these laptops it is known as an "asian release only" as the emachine laptops that you can get in this country are a totally different range and not as good in specs.

    I have owned this since December 2010 now and it's been an excellent and a very quick laptop and for the price my dad got it for, it was well worth it! (He only payed the equivilant to £450 for it). I also use this laptop to play games like Black Ops and using the 1366x768 resolution in the game with 2x AA, Textures all on Auto, filtering set to max, VSync ON and shadows off. On the more larger multi-player maps the game runs at a very reasonable 35-40fps, but on the small maps i.e. Nuketown I can acheive 55fps all the time.

    The only noticable let down with this laptop while playing games is that the laptop gets stupidly hot, and it was only while playing COD the other day that the laptop started to throttle. So I decided to open up RealTemp only to have the shock horror that the laptop's CPU was running at 95c and that the thermal side of the laptop was HOT (basically overheating) and I could only play the game for an hour at a time because it got too hot!

    I monitored the CPU temps when the laptop was idle as well and it always idle'd at a worryingly 60c. I decided the other day to purchase one of those Akasa laptop coolers and I've been able to run Black Ops now and the highest the CPU has got ever since using the cooler is 83c which is still slightly high but the Thermal side of things have always remained OK which is the main thing. The idle temps have also been brought down to 45-50c which is still a little warm in my opinion but at least now when playing Black Ops the laptop's CPU does not throttle anymore!

    This is the only let down on the laptop. As on my old Acer Aspire 6935G, the CPU temps never hit over 62c when playing Modern Warfare 2 (Black Ops ran too slow, this is why I upgraded) and the idle temps were never above 35c!

    Do you guys think that the reason my temps on this new laptop are high is because of a poorly designed cooling system possibly or that the CPU cooling may be faulty? I've tried researching this laptop through google and it is largely unknown because it's a Thai spec! From what the OP of this forum suggested though is that these spec laptops are nearly identical to the Acer TimelineX's.

    Anyway, here are the full specs of mine:

    Core i3 350M 2.26Ghz CPU
    14.0" 16:9 Display
    GeForce GT 330M 1GB Graphics
    4GB DDR3 RAM (did only originally come with 2GB out of the box)
    500GB 5400rpm HDD
    DVD-Super Multi DL Drive
    Wi-Fi with N compatiability

    I would like to hear other people's thoughts on this laptop and any solutions to try and bring down the cooling more.

    Thanks all - Liam
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