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Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by t456, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Pretty sure there's all kinds of little apps for this, but ... tinkering is way more fun :D .

    Anyway, you can use "powercfg /qh > t.txt" to list all hidden options and change the values from the CMD (since you now have the hidden GUIDs). But that's not just a little inconvenient, to be sure. Did some checking and it seems every hidden option has a specific dword value in the registry; "Attributes". Setting this to "0" will make the option show up in 'Control Panel' > 'Power Option' > 'Change plan settings' > 'Change advanced settings'.

    However, there's a lot of these (about 50). Secondly, also wanted this on a second system and the registry entries are dependent on a system's specific hardware configuration. Hence made this very quick & dirty spreadsheet;

    powercfg - show all settings

    It's editable and all, feel free to give it a try. Made for Windows 7, don't know about 8.x. Needs some modification if you download; Google f*'s up quotation marks when using regular paste (they vanish), the online version takes care of that. Mind you, very sloppy/inefficient formulas, so it's a bit slow. Just couldn't be bothered to spend more time on something I only need to use twice ...


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