Guide of installing GTX860m (Kepler) on AW17x R3

Discussion in 'Alienware 17 and M17x' started by Sentarshi, Oct 27, 2018.

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    Hello everyone I just installed GTX860m on my R3 and faced with several issues so I want to share my experience hopefully it will help others.

    Part 0 - Preparation
    All these things you need to prepare BEFORE you will do Anything with your laptop.
    Modified Nvidia Driver for your graphics card - guide
    The following IDT drivers Packages - R298411 and R289922
    Your new MXM card
    If you have 120Hz panel - your old MXM card will be also needed (THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE IT WORK WITHOUT ANOTHER MXM CARD IN CASE OF 120Hz Panel - Because your Intel HD graphics is not available!!!)
    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND do all these actions on a fresh installed system!
    All your usual drivers for the laptop should be also downloaded first.
    All these actions require A12 modded bios for our laptop Link (password "1")

    Part -1
    Flash Bios from the link above and set the following option there:
    Sata mode - AHCI
    Intel HD Audio - Disabled

    Part - 2
    Install your NEW Mxm card
    Install the fresh system
    THEN install the drivers by the following order: order Until Step 9 ONLY
    Don't forget that you need to install Modified Nvidia driver after Turning off Windows Driver signature verification - (How to)

    Part 3 Making Intel HD Audio great again

    To install IDT audio drivers you need to do the following:
    Switch your NEW mxm card to your OLD one
    TURN ON Intel HD Audio in Bios
    Boot the system
    Then follow the steps:
    • Install R298411 IDT Audio Driver
    • Open R289922 install to extract files, but do not install, Cancel !
    • Go to C:\dell\drivers\V05PT\OEM\Dell
    • Copy IDTNGUI.startup to C:\Program Files\IDT\OEM
    • Go to C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM
    • Run IDTNGUI.exe
    • Advanced
    • Enable Power Management... done

    Then turn off your laptop and switch the cards again.

    Continue drivers install.

    You are all set!

    Please note:

    There are many guides where you need to clear CMOS switch cards and wait and so on so on they all sounds like magic - and doesn't work for me - the main issue is Intel Power management system which causes conflict between the Card and HD Audio.

    I Really hope this guide will help someone.
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