Guide: How to set Alien FX Lights according to the app you launch

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    Here's how you can have the Alien FX Lights for keyboard, touchpad, mouse, etc change according to the game or app you launch.

    1) First, create your own theme which will be the default day to day use theme


    2) Next, you wanna add the game or program that you want to assign the colors to, change the Add games to your library from Auto to Manual


    3) Head back to the FX tab, then click on the + sign at the top to create a new theme, give it an appropriate name, for this example, I am adding Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020


    4) Now, go back to the FX tab, choose your default theme and you will notice the colors change to whatever you set them. When you launch the app that is associated with a different color, the lights will change accordingly.
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