GTX970M - GT60 // MSI 16F3 Ivy Bridge

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    Hello again and another request for some assistance with this notebook..

    Thanks to zipperi and senso for some advice a couple of weeks back - i have spent some time with this again the past week but cannot resolve an optimus issue. GTX970M (Clevo G-Sync 6gb mxm card) has been fitted, bios is 51x and ec firmware T18. Any other firware (T17 or T24) causes various issues with hotkeys and doesnt resolve optimus prob.The mxm card has been tried with various vbios too.

    The optimus problem is that the gpu light remains on despite nvidia tray reporting no gpu activity, if i use an app that req's the 970m, the nvidia tray reports gpu as active and correctly states what prog is requesting the gpu. Hwmon also shows gpu activity ok too, pretty much idle when no gpu requested and activity when gpu used, so all seems ok but the gpu indicator wont go off. It cycles on/off at boot and stays white in bios. Only when w10 (pro64) loads does the light come on (and remains on) regardles.

    There are no apps requesting the gpu although 'nvidia container' is set to use gpu via nv control panel and i cant change this, I dont think this is actually causing the prob, it doesnt show as a process in the nvidia gpu activity tray either, if i kill the process it'll just restart with no change to gpu indicator, i've also stopped process from running at boot but doesnt change anything, so prob red herring. I dont think there is a running process causing this, issue persists with new w10 (and w8.1) install with barely anything running.

    To make the card work, nvmii file has been modded in a couple of places so the nvidia drivers install. I have installed the original HD4000 driver from msi (for w8.1 64) without updating/with updating and tried more recent generic intel HD4000 drivers too. I've tried earler (3xx series) nvidia drivers but nothing will make the optimus gpu light go off. The card does work ok and doesnt seem to be doing anything when not requested - battery life doesnt seem to be affected either so it's not a major hassle really, just a niggle but one that i'd love to resolve - or at least understand whats going on.

    If its any use, card hardware id is: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1618&SUBSYS_112D1462

    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this optimus issue, or if there are anything else that might help re modding other driver files, possibly related to optimus operation? Could this even be an issue with the notebooks EC? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as always.

    Thanks in advance.
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