Gtx 980m mxm by clevo not detected

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    Who had sereously worked on gtx980m mxm 8gb clevo i need your help.

    Got the card with unknow issue. All i can tell that it has no sereous shorts or something but vbios chip gets only 1.0v and it should get an 3.3v to start correctly. I tried the chip on the programmer and read and write tests are sucessfull i also tried to replace it with another chip but no luck. Only 1.0v is going to it. I checked all voltages on card and it has 3.3v 5v and 19v present. The laptop will post only with igpu. I also checked wit same working card and laptop detects it with no issue. So there must be an ic or voltage regulator which powers on an bios chip but i dont know which one is it. As there are 5 controllers on the card and swapping each is pretty hard.

    Thank You for any help or advise!

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