GPU temperature sensor location on the chip?

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    Hi guys,

    I've been using LM in my laptop for the last 5 months now and as of late my CPU temps have been higher on cores 0,2,4.. in 6 core CPUs cores are like this on the chip, I think.
    [0] [2] [4]
    [1] [3] [5]
    So the top ones are a little higher temp in 100% stress. About 5-8c difference.. So I'm thinking that its because my mounting pressure is uneven, but its fine because I see all the core temps so there is no risk of breaking the chip by heating it too much.

    So now to the point of this topic. Because of this behavior I'm worried that GPU's mounting might be uneven too since they share the same heat sink with CPU. The laptop is Razer Blade 15, with Geforce 1070 max-q btw.

    GPU temps seem fine but the chip is so big that if the only temp sensor in the GPU is in a good contact spot and rest of the chip don't have good contact, how would it show it self on pc behavior and temp sensor readings? or does the GPU chip actually have more sensors but we only see the average of those on the monitoring program?

    Someone who knows about chips could enlighten me about this. is the GPU temp sensor located in the GPU die and is it in the middle of it or how its placed?

    Thank you,


    P.S. Sorry if this went to a wrong section of this forum.

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