GPU Sensor bug on the Inspiron 7567 series and no help from Dell

Discussion in 'Dell' started by TheRealJohnp, Aug 29, 2017.

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    So this issue has existed for a while, someone else made a youtube video:

    Tried all the possible troubleshooting and no avail. Drivers, Clean Install, Bios update, etc. Up to date Nvidia drivers directly from Nvidia also have the same issue. But good news is that those drivers actually work now.

    It happens on both the 1050ti and the 1050 and affects a lot of people though I don't know if EVERY person has this issue. Maybe if some people don't have it, they are using some old intel chipset driver that they could share the id of?

    There is no performance hit in games or even at idle, just when running GPU monitoring software.

    Edit: I was able to make it stop freezing and glitching by turning off all monitoring in MSI afterburner and setting the update polling rate to 60000ms in afterburner. If you use another monitoring software like EVGA or GPUZ the same thing happens but it doesn't freeze if you don't have a monitoring graph up. I still only run the program when playing games to get the undervolt to kick in (done with the voltage/frequency curve by pressing CTRL+F in afterburner. Dropped my temps by 7-10C with a slight undervolt.

    Also Dell Support said they'd look into it after I expressed my disappointment with their support.
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