GP76 CPU ramping up too fast on Linux, what should I do ?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by NovHak, Oct 31, 2021.

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    Dear forum readers,

    A few months ago, I bought a GP76. Instead of using the preinstalled W10 Home Edition, I installed a Pro edition anew, completely wiping out everything that was on the SSD.

    Then I noticed the CPU has a tendency to get too hot too quickly, even on tasks that are not very demanding. My solution at that point was to disable Intel Turbo Boost, but then I had performance issues/slowdowns... however, once I installed Dragon Center, the CPU stopped getting too hot, despite the tasks being the same.

    When I installed Linux (Ubuntu 21.04), I noticed the same problem I had on Windows before installing the Dragon Center, with the CPU again going too hot too quickly, even on light tasks. And here again, disabling Intel Turbo Boost solved the overheating, but similarly as Windows, at the cost of performance.

    Here however, I can't install Dragon Center since it's not available on Linux (and in all honesty even if it did exist on Linux, I would prefer NOT to install it). I tried many things, but in the end all my efforts revolve around guessing what Dragon Center did to avoid that the CPU becomes mad like it does.

    I tried many things but didn't find out yet. For those interested, here's what I (unsuccessfully) tried for now.

    I don't necessarily need a Linux-specific answer. An answer in an OS-neutral way such as "Send this command with that data to the EC" would be fine. A Windows-specific answer would be fine too, since there are chances I will be able to translate it in Linux terms, but that would mean it should work on Windows without Dragon Center installed, of course.

    Any ideas ?

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