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Discussion in 'MSI' started by fmmsf, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm going to be buying a new laptop in the coming 30-60 days.

    I've never bought a MSI and never really considered getting one but recently found a nice promotion for a GP62mvr for 1150€ which is pretty good where I live (same model usually goes for about 1300-1400€).

    So I'd like to know your opinion on some topics:
    1. I've failed to find any reviews besides one on Tom's hardware. Have you found any and also, what is your opinion of this model?

    2. My budget is around 1000€ and even 1150€ is quite a stretch. Do you think I should be buying something else instead?

    Thanks :)
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    You probably should use the NBR questionnaire format in the "Which notebook should I buy?" if you want us to exactly know your needs and thus help you further. :)

    Allow me however to give you a small overview about the MSI Gaming laptops.

    You see, there are 5 categories, and they vary from budget, mainstream and high end variants.

    GL: These are likely to be the lowest end MSI offers. It still features the excellent steelseries keyboard, but the backlit isn't present. It compromises in most categories (Cooling, GPU used, trackpad and a TN screen instead of IPS Level)

    GP: This is the one you are considering. It comes in just slightly better than the GL series. It offers a backlit keyboard (white only, not RGB), and you might get an IPS level panel, depending on the country you live in. If you are REALLY considering the GP62MVR (which I don't recommend, see reasons below), make sure the screen offered is not TN, because then, you'll suffer from a low color gamut as well as a low brightness, average viewing angles and backlight bleed. Both the GP and GL offer similar build quality, so you should not notice a difference.

    GE: This is the sweet spot for MSI gaming series. You get a better build quality, better cooling, an RGB backlit keyboard and an IPS level panel. Of course, those features come for a premium, so you'll have to pay more. But trust me, it's worth it, and it's a lot better than the GP and GL! You might want to consider the GE62VR 7RE with the GTX 1050Ti. That's what I would recommend in your case.

    GS: This is the thin and light version of the GE series. It offers the same package, but there is a possibility it gets too hot due to the thin heatpipes used.

    GT: This literally screams High-End. It gives you all the goodies in one package: Supreme cooling, a variety of screen types (IPS Level-60Hz or TN-120Hz 5ms), G-Sync and of course, you have to pay for it all. The GT62VR is the unit I'd recommend more than anything else. If you can afford a GT62VR, trust me, it's the best bang for your buck.

    Now, seeing your budget is limited, I'd suggest the following:
    Wait for 2 or 3 more months if you can. Many brands showcased their budget gaming laptops in CES 2017, and some look quite promising. The Lenovo Legion Y520 and Y720, the new Dell Inspiron 15 7000, the ASUS GL553 and the Acer VX15 look to be promising. And of course do not neglect the options MSI offer for a low budget! I just find it more "secure" to opt for the more high end models because they're generally more durable.

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