GL503VM GTX 1060 Power Throttles at only 60 degrees

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Murat Y?lmaz, Oct 3, 2021.

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    I have a GL503VM Laptop with 7700HQ and GTX 1060 GPU. It was working fine until recently. I dont know why but the CPU works very fine and gets the normal score in all benchmarks. But something is wrong with the GPU.

    1) The GPU never exceeds 60 degrees in Furmark or other benchmarks or in any games.

    2) Furmark FPS is 30 in 1080p and thats very low for 1060.

    3) The core clock gets the 1400 mhz but in a few seconds drops to 100, 20,, 300 and then averages 500 mhz during the stress test.

    4) GPU-Z says "perlfimit cause "power".


    This is the screenshot after like 10 minutes of stress test. As you see, its NOT normal. The GPU doesnt get enough power.

    5) I reinstalled windows, reinstalled old bios, DDU and reinstalled old drivers. Tried max performance in nvidia control panel. Nothing works.

    What might be causing this? I suspect this:I opened the laptop and cleaned it several times, i repasted the heatsinks and cleaned the fans. While removing heatsinks, some thermal pads might be damaged. Is it that vrm or vrams are heating because of improper thermal pads and they limit the power available?? And since hwinfo only shows core gpu temp, i dont see it?

    Might this be the cause? If so, i will buy new pads and try. But if not, i dont want to because pads are really expensive.

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