Gigabyte P34G Undervolting Guide (Intel Haswell)

Discussion in 'Gigabyte and Aorus' started by PJPeter, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Exactly, agree totally, and as long as when you are stress testing you simulate the maximum load you think you will reach with the laptop (and then some) you should be safe. The one time I remember someone having issues was when he did a 150mV reduction because he only ever tested the system while it was on power saving with CPU restricted to 50% - then when he increased it the system became unstable. But even in that case, after reboot he was able to open up the application and change the value to 100mV and was stable there.

    If you plan to overclock then make sure to test what undervolt is stable with everything at the maximum you plan to use. If you do so, you should be safe with the undervolt and your system should be quieter, cooler, with slightly better battery life and generally just better imho. Even the lifespan of components should be better - as far as I can see this sort of software undervolt is completely safe*

    By the way has anyone tried undervolting other things than just the Dynamic CPU Voltage Offset?


    (though I am not responsible if I'm wrong and someone please correct me if so)
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    Here are my settings/specs:


    everything was tested with Performance/Auto Fan:
    0,978V (default): ~28.5W, ~76°C after 10mins
    -95mV, ~24.5W, ~70°C after 10mins
    So about 4W and 6°C decrease @-95mV. Nice.

    Only thing i ran into was undervolting while on battery, XTU jumped over the 1,3GHz limit (default limit when on battery) and pushed all 4 Cores to 3,2GHz while not plugged in. Had to decrease Processor-usage (CPU top perfomance) in energyoptions (65% = ~1,5GHz in balanced mode). Then after 2 reboots everything went back to normal (1.3GHz limit activated itself) and i had to reset all poweroptions. Somebody noticed that too?

    Also can somebody tell me how i tell Windows (8.1) to switch form Performance to Balanced when i unplug the notebook (and back to perf when i plug it in).
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