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    Hello everyone,

    I suppose I am not the only one out there that would like a visual information about if my Num Lock key is pressed or not... (how many times I though typing numbers and in fact was doing... hell what's going on my text ?!).

    I guessed a good way in doing this is taking benefit from the per-key RGB keyboard, to switch the Num Lock key to red color if disabled... but then to make it via Gigabyte Fusion, it appeared being a pain. And finally I did not managed to make it.
    That's here that any feedback in doing so will be helpful ! Do you want this functionnality too ? What have you tried ? Have you ever found a working solution ? :)

    I personnaly tried this (not working...) :
    - create 2 profiles on Gigabyte Fusion.
    - the only difference between profiles is one has the Num Lock key white, the other has it red.
    - I then found how to switch from one to the other profile : in fact every custom profile is a .exe file on Fusion installation folders.
    - From Gigabyte Fusion, it is possible to launch a software from a hotkey press.
    - Easy-pizzy, I created a macro : "On Num Lock pressed, launch "CustomProfile2.exe" from Custom Profile 1, and the other way on Custom Profile 2 : "On Num Lock pressed, launch "CustomProfile1.exe".
    - The thing is : IT DO NOT WORK. Why ? Because when you bind a key to a Macro, said key do not realise it's initial function anymore. That is : with such setup, pressing "Num lock" gets the key red, but do not disable the keypad anymore... Oups, useless..!

    We can possibly do in other ways... the basic method to switch profile being when an application is launched, so there's maybe something to dig up here.
    Have you found any solution guys ?

    Thanks for reading me,

    PS : I have the Aero 15X v8 laptop, with Gigabyte Fusion at latest version.
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