Gigabyte aero - help needed.

Discussion in 'Gigabyte and Aorus' started by Rafaello888, Jul 7, 2020.

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    Hi all.

    Just bought new aero 15 laptop ( i7 9750h, rtx2060 4k oled) and got question mainly for owners of similar models: to tweak gigabyte control centre options and radiators mode correctly:

    -gaming fan mode while gaming and editing videos and then manually switching to normal mode or gigabyte centre does that itself?

    -same with power mode - is set to balanced. Should i switch to full performance while gaming and editing and switch back to balanced or its done automatically?
    -should i switch off pantone color profile for gaming?
    What else i need to set for playing with full performance on this laptop and keep it in good condition.
    2. How to find out what sdd model i got? If i would like to upgrade to 1TB do i need to buy exactly same ssd or can be diffeent (model,speed) or is there any good portable ssd(thunderbolt 3 or usb 3.1) that i can install photoshop/premiere pro and games and performs like internal one without interruption, frames drop ect?
    Thank You

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