Gigabyte Aero 15x review (144hz version with 1070 Max-Q)

Discussion in 'Gigabyte and Aorus' started by bl00dcat, Sep 14, 2018.

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    hey people !

    I use my new Gigabyte Aero 15x 1 week and now I could make my review.

    I bought it in HIDEvolution , because many users told me it's great company and the can give me NBR discount. They don't give you NBR discount. Also if you order the notebook with additional services ( repast, add memory, change WiFi module and etc) they don't give you discount. I understood it only after made full payment and ask where is my discount ? HiDE have only 2.5% cash discount if you pay by Wire Transfer (Zelle and etc). Another company have 3% discount and free repast Thermal Compound. When I recieved the laptop and try to switch on, i saw BSOD. I created ticket in Help Desk HIDEvolution and they told me - Sorry , but you must make clean install Windows bu you self... (I payed for additional service - clean install Windows). I spent half a day to repair my new Aero 15x.

    About Aero 15x it's look nice, build quality great. After change Thermal Compound and undervolt Temperature stay approximately 74 ºC on full load.

    I have the gtx 1070 max-q model with 1080 144hz IPS panel, 2*16gb DDR4-2666 and intel WiFi 9260 with clean install Windows 10.


    -Battery Life
    -Screen: 144hz is great!
    -build quality
    -Pantone x-rite
    -easy to upgrade
    -many ports and card reader
    -amazing power for games


    -Backlight bleed on panels are bad, not too much but it noticeable
    -Keyboard takes some time getting used to
    -Soft from gigabyte it's terrible, very buggy.
    -Nose camera (for me it's ok, I don't use it)
    -Many keyboard issues (I have only one, my right Shift don't light)
    -Worst compatibility RAM , you must read forum or call in Gigabyte Help Desk before choose memory to buy.
    -locked BIOS

    Total Rating: 8/10 and 8.5/10 (for my version with all updates)

    Recommendations :

    - make clean install Windows
    - change thermal compound
    - buy additional memory stick for dual channel
    - make undervolt CPU and GPU

    For work on the laptop with clean installed Windows you need:
    - nvidia drivers from main site ,
    - intel drivers from main site ( better for you it's soft from intel - Intel Driver and Support Assistant. Program can find all drivers whats you need and make install, also it help you check drivers updates from intel.)
    - Gigabyte Fusion for keyboard LED
    - Gigabyte SmartManager for work FN key combinations
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