Gigabyte Aero 14 vs 15

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by theBaner, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Is there at least one normal site where I can normally compare (insert any product here)?
    - No, there is no website where you can compare things.
    Whining aside.

    I am looking for a 1050Ti / 1060, 90 whr laptop. I also wanted a 120hz, but I did not found any without G-sync (I need optimus) + on some older laptops you could switch to iGPU manually(with G-sync), there is no such feature on newer ones (why we are going backwards... such a shame). No 120 hz... well ok.

    I need to compare display and battery life. Its very rare to find laptop reviews with the same config.

    Specs according to notebookcheck
    Aero 14 :
    Display (LP14QH1-SPF1) - 25 ms, 257nits, 92 sRGB
    Battery 15h (idle) and 8h 44m (wifi)
    Power consumption 8 - 20 w (idle) and 78 - 146 w (load)
    Noise 30 - 53 db
    For Honor 42 fps​
    Aero 15:
    Display (N156HCA-EA1) - 32 ms, 316nits, 92sRGB
    Battery 10h 38min(idle) and 7h (wifi). Lower res. display + newer laptop + same specs (power consumption little higher) and 2 hour decrease?
    Power consumption 12 - 20 w (idle) and 82 - 161 w (load)
    Noise 32 db - 50 db
    For Honor 70 fps (+30 fps o_O)
    Easy Aero 14 win right? - No

    Lets compare display's on different web
    Aero 14 - 35 ms, 700:1
    Aero 15 - 14 ms, 700:1

    Battery life on other sources is different some get on 15 - 8h and 14 - 5h (same source) right the opposite to the notebookcheck. I don't say about other sources (including youtube) 5 - 9 hours (both 15 and 14 via web surfing test)


    Aero 15 reviews:

    Aero 14 reviews:

    I need to know response time and most important battery life (web surfing) for these laptops. Any info about 14 and 15 are welcome. Feel free to recommend laptop with ~25ms, >90whr and 1050Ti / 1060 on board. Thank you for your time.
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    The Aero 15 is hardly much bigger than the Aero 14, but has the full-size RGB keyboard, a large screen ...basically I don't see a reason to get the 14.

    You can't be so rigid with your requirements if you want to be able to make a decision. Use some worst-case scenario logic in your head. "Why would having a 30ms screen be so bad ...?"

    And the GTX 1060 is far, far more powerful than the 1050 Ti, so if gaming is important and you have the budget for a 1060, get it.

    Plenty of those reviews have battery life info. The machines aren't so different, neither has G-Sync, and the batteries are similar size. The 14 will probably last a little longer since it has a smaller screen. But there shouldn't be much of a difference in battery life between the two.
    Just make sure you update the Gigabyte pre-installed software, when I tested the Aero 15 I was getting half the advertised battery life until I did that. I think it was the Gigabyte Smart Manager software.

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