getting Win 10 on CF31 to do stuff like Xp ...

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by sunrk, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Discovered a few things already like Classic Shell (yay!) etc.

    but I can't work out how to make the Fn-7 and Fn-10 behaviour work like it has on all my other toughbooks previously (28, 18 and 29 all of which have Xp pro).

    I also cannot work out how to stop the super-annoying auto-scrolling in Firefox. I found some settings in firefox itself but they don't seem to prevent the auto-scrolling.

    Also how is the bios accessed? Is it the same as on an earlier toughbook?

    My unit is a CF-31SFLAXIM - got no idea if that's good or bad in the realm of CF31 configurations. I got the 500 GB Samsung SSD option and the machine has 16 GB of RAM. Doesn't have a GPS (I wasn't after that) or a CD/DVD drive (I wasn't after that either).

    It does have a backlist emissive kbd. and the seller did supply me with the Win 10 media on a USB stick.
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    what version of Firefox?
    I disabled autoscrolling in tools/options/general

    BIOS --F2 key when first booting.

    this will help

    from the above manual

    Hotkey Settings
    You can make the following settings:

    • Fn key lock
      When you press ≪Fn≫, the key is locked (pressed-down) until you press another key. Use this when pressing difficult key combinations.
    1. Start up the Hotkey Settings.
      Double-click [Panasonic PC Settings Utility] on the desktop, and then click [​IMG] (Settings) - [​IMG] (Button / Key).

    2. Make the settings.
      [Use Fn key lock]

      • When using an ≪Fn≫ key combination
        1. Press ≪Fn≫ once. (Locked)
        2. Press another key. (Lock released)
      • When using successive ≪Fn≫ key combinations
        1. Press ≪Fn≫ twice. (Locked)
        2. Press another key.
        Fn key remains locked until you press ≪Fn≫ again.
      [Make sounds when Fn Key is pressed]*4
      [Display icon in notification area]: Displays the Fn key status when[​IMG]on the task tray is clicked.
      • [​IMG] : ≪Fn≫ is locked.
      • [​IMG] : ≪Fn≫ is not locked.

      [Display status bar while Fn Key is held down]
      [Display Location]: If you select [Top], the status bar will be displayed near upside of the computer.
      If you select [Bottom], the status bar will be displayed near downside of the computer.
    • You can have different settings for each user.
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