Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News

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    Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News
    Louis Rossmann
    Published on Oct 8, 2018
    This Macbook has no backlight due to a common F'up - pin 1 of the LCD cable is bent. Pin 1 is for the LCD backlight. The board's current sensing circuit on backlight output will notice that pin 1 is touching the connector housing itself, shorted to ground, and not send power through to the circuit. Bending the pin back fixed the problem.

    At Apple, this issue would have cost the customer $1200. You might not believe me, which is why we have it all on tape. :)


    Apple under fire for allegations of controversial business practices
    CBC News: The National
    Published on Oct 8, 2018
    The National goes undercover to investigate some of Apple's controversial business practices including allegations of overpriced repair charges and the battery/slowdown scandal.

    Apple quotes customer $1,200 to fix one bent pin on a ribbon cable.

    Ryowxyz 1045 points 14 hours ago*
    "Back when I had an iPhone 4s, the power button was stuck down and worn out I guess.
    Apple quoted me over £500 to fix the flex cable that had the power button.
    I went to ifixit for the guide and bought the flex cable off eBay for 0.99 and fixed it my self."
    joshgelua 10.6k points 18 hours ago*
    "I also went to this same exact store for a battery problem for my phone. The guy told me my phone was basically broken beyond repair, and that it would be best to get a new phone replacement.
    I went up the street to Mobile clinic like 10 mins away and they did a battery replacement for like, $40 or something. My phone still works and I’m currently using it to type this comment.
    Their business practice is disgusting, and I’m glad they’re being called out.
    Edit: this is an iPhone 6 bought 4 years ago. Given my experience from Apple I am likely to change my game. Boycott!!!"
    bobsaget112 3395 points 14 hours ago
    "A similar thing happened to me. My wife’s phone completely died near the end of our honeymoon with all our pictures on it. We took it to the apple store and they ran a diagnostic only to tell us her phone cannot be repaired and our only hope of getting it back the photos is to use a forensic recovery service called Drive Savers which is approved by Apple (so that we can then then swap out the phone using Apple care).
    We sent the phone to drive savers who quoted us $2000 to recover the photos. I spoke to an “engineer” there who told me the phone is severely damaged, (though he couldn’t elaborate how) which explained the price. I told him that’s way too much. He so “kindly” offered me a payment plan. I told him to **** off and send me the phone back immediately.
    When we got the phone back I decided to take it to a independent repair shop who took one look at it and said it’s just a bad charge port. $100 later the phone was working like new again. **** Apple and **** Drive Savers."
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    This is nothing new, and it's not just apple doing it. However, apple are leading the charge in trying to stop third party repair shops.
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    I think the problem is Apple (and others) take a macro approach to repairs versus micro.

    Instead of actually diagnosing and fixing hardware problems on a micro scale (in this instance a bent contact), they do a general diagnosis based on a macro approach and replace entire assembly pieces (trackpad/keyboard/battery, entire pcb, entire screen, etc..)

    Couple this with the well above average cost per assembly piece Apple charges...

    Add a sprinkle of horrific thermals which will potentially shorten the life of your laptop and some desktops...

    Introduce a touch of Apple's relentless opposition to anything right to repair based and forcing your device into Apple's repair structure...

    Finally, add in Apple's component validation software post repair to get the system to actually boot and run...

    and you end up with the predicament above and more as time passes.

    Don't get me wrong, for as long as you're in warranty and did not damage your device, the AppleCare+ experience is top notch and probably one of the best I've ever encountered when having various phones, ipads and laptops repaired.

    The problem is when you are not within warranty; this then puts your Apple devices in potentially troubled waters after your 2/3 year AppleCare+ expires or you damage your device.

    And for many the answer isn't, "buy a new device." If I drop 1000-1500 on a phone, 2000-6000 on a laptop or 2000-15000 on an iMac it better perform for well over 2-3 years and I wouldn't feel comfortable
    knowing that anytime I'm excluded from the AppleCare+ window due to expiration of warranty or user damage my system repair costs are outlandish (assuming they are offered even depending on situation).

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