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Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by TWSS, Dec 10, 2020.

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    I've been lurking these forums for a couple of weeks now since I'm searching for a new laptop for gaming, light coding and light music production, between 1500 - 2000 € budget. I discovered the CLEVO resellers and Obsidian PC and i am considering getting the NH55 powered by ryzen with the following setup:

    1 x AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
    1 x NH55AFW - RTX 2070 8GB
    1 x 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2400Mhz
    1 x 480GB Kingston UV500 SATA3
    1 x 240GB Kingston UV500 SATA3
    1 x Intel Wifi AX200
    1 x Spanish Keyboard
    1 x Windows 10 Home Edition Multi-Language 64 bits
    1 x Advanced Thermal Care Kryonaut

    1865 € through obsidian-pc (I'm leaning to this reseller because they seem to offer a great post sale service and for geographical proximity, although clevocenter has better prices with the christmas sale, so I'm considering that option too).

    I have a few questions:
    1. Is a good bang for the buck? Which other options should i consider?
    2. From the benchmarks i've seen, the 3700x seems like a beast for the price... Is the rtx2070 mobile enough or will it become a bottleneck? Should i just save my money getting the ryzen 5 3600 instead?
    3. Are the thermals and cooling system good? I don't mind if the fans are noisy as long as they keep the temps on check
    4. Are both the GPU and the CPU upgradeable on this model?
    5. What about the general build quality? Are the chasis and components sturdy for carrying it along? I'm more than willing to sacrifice lightness for toughness
    6. Are the thundervolt ports really important? This doesn't have one.
    7. How about the battery life? I understand that 62wh is not a lot for this machine but will it last a couple hours for internet browsing, study and office work?
    8. Is there a significant difference between the kingston uv500 and the samsung ssds? The kingstons seem like a good way to adjust the budget...

    Thank you everyone
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    Might be better off checking out the owners lounge in the sub section of this forum.
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    I would say from experience with the NH55RAQ it's an alright system overall. (I7-9750H / GTX1650)...I picked it up on ebay for under $800

    Concentrate on the key items CPU/GPU and go with the least expensive options since you can upgrade them yourself after you have the barebones in hand with higher end components for the same or less $.

    I picked up 32GB of ram a couple of months ago for under $90 on Amazon.
    Drives... you can get 1TB drives for about $110/ea that fly along with the best of them either BPX Pro or CS3030
    WIFI - AX200's go for $20 and the new AX210 is about the same price and includes 6E when the routers get released to the market you won't have to go upgrade it again.

    3. the fans aren't too bad w/o earphones and w/ them you wouldn't hear them.
    5. if you're not pulling it apart upgrading things all the time it should be fine... I noticed the beginning of a hairline fracture to the bottom casing while doing the last couple of upgrades but, it's holding steady
    6. TB ports are only important if you have TB devices and typically you don't unless you're Mac person, what I would be looking for is USB4 as that's the next merge of TB/USB and starts being seen with Tiger Lake (Intel 11th gen)
    7. if you're not running games on battery you should probably get around 2 hours out of it

    As to upgrading the CPU/GPU the keyword you're looking for is MXM from what I've gathered around here which indicated that the modules for those components are replaceable. In the ultra light models they're soldered and not replaceable.

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