GE66 Undervolt and Overclock ???

Discussion in 'MSI' started by klGE66, Aug 30, 2020.

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    Im just trying to compare how far others were able to push this model with undervolting and overclocking the graphics so can others post there settings and results so maybe I can make mine run better and confirm im not destroying my laptop.

    So far I think my max stable undervolts are about 89.8 offsets on the core/cache.Any more and I get errors on ts bench. With the clocks pushed down to 42 has been keeping me under 80c.

    I have the 2080 super max q model and my main problem is the card keeps power limiting.I've tried so many different voltage curves and I just cant find the sweet spot.I'll have flashes where it will stay stable at 1815Mhz then it always ends up downclocking and power throttling..So for now im just going with it.In Afterburner im adding up to 115 core and 1050 memory and everything seems stable so far except the power limit.Any suggestions on anything else I can do to make this laptop better or if anyone can share there voltage curve to stop the power limiting and still keep my results decent are very welcome.Thanks

    Here's time spy before overclock-
    Graphics Score-9143 CPU-7520 Time Spy 8856

    Here's after 100 core and 1050 memory in afterburner-
    Graphics Score-10040 CPU-7585 Time Spy 9575

    Edit...I dont know why time spy doesn't recognize my graphics card but it's the 2080 super max q model.

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