GE62VR-6RF No boot (black screen problem)

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Marto2006, Feb 9, 2018.

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    My MSI Apache PRO GE62VR-6RF wich suddenly started to suffer the "no boot - black screen" syndrome.

    When I push the power button, the button led and keyboard leds lights up, cpu fan starts, but screen does not turn on and the computer does not boot.

    The strange thing is that sometimes the computer starts and boots to windows, and works normally for a few minutes, after which it locks up and shuts off, and back to no boot, blank screen only led lights up.

    Due to this situation I immediately thought of a cold joint in the GPU solder beads, meaning the motherboard might need a "reflow" or better yet a "rework" with leaded solder. But, before sending my motherboard to do a rework, I noticed the GPU heatsink's screws where super tight and thought... "hey, maybe that's crushing the solder beads an making a short circuit, after all there are more than 1.000 beads in a surface of 2cm x 2cm" so I loosen all GPU heatsink's screws, just a little bit... after which the computer now boots every time, and once in Windows i can stress the CPU and RAM with PRIME95 for a few hours without trouble, and stress the GPU with MSI Kombustor without any lockup nor reboot.

    The thing is... do you think this is a long term solution? Or is it recommended to rework the motherboard?
    Is it possible that the screws coming out of the factory where too tight? and that loosen them might fix the problem?

    Looking forward to your help and replies
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    Crushing solder balls is not something to consider, they are metal, mostly tin - if that deforms under pressure you have entirely different problems. Also they are not really elastic and would not rebound.
    What you describe sounds like a crack. If it's in a solder connection, reflow can theoretically fix, if it's copper or silicon no chance of fixing. I don't think you'll find someone to do a reflow properly for less than what a new board costs... Therefore I'd live with it for the time being and maybe you are lucky and there is now enough tension on the crack to never open up again and maybe even "grow" back if it's lead free solder.

    On the other hand, what exactly did you do to loosen the screws? Maybe it's much simpler and you just happened to reseat a connector somewhere that didn't have proper contact...

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