Gateway Creators Series 15.6" RTX 2060 i5-10300H

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    I am glad you decided to keep it. The more I use this laptop the more I like it. I bought it as secondary laptop to keep in my living room but as time goes on I find myself using and liking it more and more. I have gotten some truly unbelievable performance out of this thing from just a re-paste and a cheap stick of RAM(well worth it by the way).
    This is my second Tong Fang chassis and while not the greatest thing in the world they usually have great keyboards, fast screens and price to performance ratio that cannot be beat. I hope Walmart keeps trying to sell rebranded Tong Fangs for super cheap(under different names OP, EVOO and Gateway), because I will keep buying them. This same laptop would have been $1200 if had the Eluktronics branding.
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    Yeah for the price you have a perfectly usable 2021 mid level gaming laptop that if it lasts will still have decent resale to get most of the investment back by the time walmart comes out with a 3060 holiday deal etc I've seen these going for 800+ recently on ebay new. Or if you keep it longer it can do at least mid range settings most games for a year or two and even longer with lowering only a few settings. At the right settings and on certain games it will do 1440p to external and even 4k/30 on some games. It's my gaming rig right now and my other old precision would be a backup second laptop for general use if I need it as well as CAD contracts etc The MUX switch is just an added bonus and does make a little difference. I have an MSIAB oc of +160 and +500mem it boosts around 2ghz. I'll definitely be getting the ram for 40 and repaste down the road. Maximum value as is though.
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