G73JW ACPI sensor failure, Two both fans running full speed 100% (>5000 RPM)!

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    Hello everyone,
    Speedfan reports the following temperatures:
    GPU - 32C
    HDD0 - 32C
    HDD1 - 26C
    Temp1 (ACPI) - 97C !!!!!!!!!!!
    Core 0-3 - between 33 and 35C
    The results from HWiNFO confirm that GPU and CPU temperatures are low, while fan speeds are around 5000-5100RPM.

    My ACPI sensor is reading 97C even when I just started the laptop. The fans run at all speed all the time.

    My ACPI sensor reads 97C on SpeedFan, while everything else is at a normal temperature. Obviously it's impossible for it to be this hot right off the bat, and to absolutely never fluctuate.

    I do have a second problem that seems to have occured at the same time that this problem started, so it could either be the trigger or the product of the fault ACPI sensor:
    When I boot up the computer, it says: "Error sending end of POST message to ME."

    I tried troubleshooting this problem too. ME seems to stand for Management Engine and is related to Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI, I thought this was a cellphone thing so I might be way off the mark) I did an update of my intel management engine but that doesn't seem to have helped with the error.

    I'm mostly concerned about the faulty ACPI sensor reading and my fans running at 100%. If anyone has any ideas, that'd be awesome!

    P.S.: The laptop still runs just fine, but the fans are at 100% all the time. Is it still safe to use it? I know it'll wear the fans down, but I need my laptop.
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