G73jh FirePro M6000 Upgrade Info

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    So, Ive been working on trying to get my g73jh upgraded to a FirePro M6000/7870m. Its been kind of hit and miss so far.

    Here is what ive discovered so far.

    1.The FirePro m6000 does in fact work
    2. It requires a specific board version
    3. Chinese ones advertised for the G73jh have a modified inductor that causes it to crash under load.

    So after i ordered the initial m6000, i was disappointed to find this mod


    While it works under regular desktop conditions when you try to play heavy games it will crash/ shut the system off.

    The next one i ordered was this one



    I figured that one firepro was another right? No, this is not correct. This new one wouldnt display no matter what i would do. So i got to thinking, what could be the difference. Luckily I saved the vbios from the first card just in case.

    Original Card had vBios version

    New Card had Vbios version

    This is indicated on the back of the card (original m6000 i got had none of these)



    Currently im looking for a card with the 021 bios sticker to see if it works, will update when i have more info. Ill be honest im not exactly wealthy so if i cant find the specific card i might not update this.
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