Fujitsu Lifebook S762 hardware upgrade

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by vjosesan, Dec 17, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to ask some questions I have about my Fujitsu Lifebook S762 hardware upgrade. I bought this model by second hand and I love it as I don't need excessive powerful 'cos I use when I'm on travel to connect to my main PC. This model was sold in an european northern country I think 'cos it sports an european keyborard but not in spanish-castilian. I'd like to find any keyboard with spanish keys but I don't like adhesive sticks to put on some keys. Could be compatible any other keyboard from other model like or laptop manufacturer? Where I could find it with the best price?

    This model also carries a hidden mini slot for a SIM card behind the battery but it didn't sell with the WWAN module. I opened it and it has a Mini-PCIe slot also called Minicard, I think. It also has a couple of WWAN antenna connectors. I tried to plug it an AverMedia A306AB tuner compatible with this slot. But the tuner isn't showed in Windows device manager nor Linux so I suspect that BIOS can't see it or the laptop expects that this device was a WWAN module or the tuner fails ... I dont' know. Someone has worked with this kind of Mini-PCIe slots in laptops? Do you think this slot is WWAN dedicated or general purpose?

    Thanks for your help. Regards.

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