[FT] I7 4810MQ/Dell M6800 for 3D/40pins edp display or 3920XM/3940XM

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by TheQuentincc, Jul 13, 2020.

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    Hi, I'm mainly looking to trade my I7 4810MQ for a 3D/40pins edp display or for an I7 3920XM/3940XM.

    The 4810MQ is from a Dell M6800 with dead motherboard (shorted somewhere), it work on my GT70, the M6800 is without GPU/RAM/HDD/PSU, keyboard is french backlit, the "external" HDD caddy lacks exterior part/plastic but works well, battery was opened but still work (97Wh but around 70Wh is still left), display is 1080p TN, I have both Nvidia/Kepler and AMD GPU heatsink, I would like to trade it for pretty much anything is an upgrade for my M17x R4 (cpu, heatsink, display, display cover) or my M6700 (3940XM, covet case, RGB display, palmrest in good condition with fingerprint reader, delta fan) or even dead GM204/GP104/TU10x cards.

    - Quadro P600 4GB, pulled off HP desktop workstation, was sold to me as working but never got it to work on my Dell M6700, MSI GT70 or Alienware M17x R4 (LVDS optimus), was showing off in device manager in my M6700 and GT70 but not in the M17x R4.
    It's like a GT 1030 but it's a GP107 and 128bit bus width, so if you replace the core by a 1050Ti one you could have an MXM "Type A" GTX 1050 Ti (it will be nearly the fastest card of this size, apart from turing card), memory is already Samsung -HC28 7GHz (from factory) there is also space for two more core mosfet, you should replace back 25V capacitor because they are very tall.
    I believe it would work on HP elitebook or Zbook laptop but I don't have one to try.
    Pictures :
    IMG_20200714_153530.jpg IMG_20200714_153544.jpg
    IMG_20200714_153625.jpg IMG_20200714_153612.jpg
    To resume I sell this card untested and for parts to be sure, no return or refund allowed. Price is 50€ without shipping

    I'm located in EU and I would like to trade within EU.
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    I've got LTN173HT02 screen, however I'm willing to part with it because it's not working in Alienware 17. It's the C01 variant, it doesn't do 120Hz in the Ranger, but maybe it's possible to run it nicely as a 60Hz eDP display. If you'd like to experiment, I could send you an EDID of the coveted D01 variant. I've got a D01 in my Ranger, but if you're willing to trade I'd be up for it :) I believe I've got at least one M17xR3/4 display cover, hit me up in the pm so we can figure something out. I'm willing to take the whole lot. I can ship even more hardware your way, I'm generally trying to tidy up my hobby cabinet, since it's full of Alienwares. Got a pristine condition M17xR2 with LEDRGB and brand new extended capacity battery amongst other things.

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