FS: ORDI (Clevo) W110ER - Cube i7 Stylus Tablet - remains of Razer Edge Pro Tablet "Joblot"

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    ORDI (Clevo) W110ER - Cube i7 Stylus Tablet - remains of Razer Edge Pro Tablet "Joblot"

    Price: £360 GBP shipped

    Condition: Used

    Warranty: None

    Reason for sale: clear-out / lack of use

    Payment: PayPal

    Item location: Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

    Shipping: Courier, UPS, Parcelforce etc
    International shipping: Yes
    Handling time: Ships within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment

    Feedback: eBay Feedback Profile

    Specifications: Item #1

    ordi (clevo) w110er
    i7 3630qm
    gt 650m ddr3 2gb
    4gb ddr3 1600 (not pictured, have some spare lying around)
    no hdd (bracket / holder included)
    screen is new / matte
    keyboard is new UK
    intel wifi 7260
    original 90w psu + battery (no longer holds charge)

    internally repaired hinge screw holes on chassis with qbond several months back and still opening and close fine :) common design fault on these laptops

    the keyboard surround part of the chassis was replaced due to it being cracked and badly broken under on hinge.

    silly plastic keyboard button cover surround thing has lost a few of the stupidly small catches so it tends get loose at times.

    still got old keyboard but it's faulty, plus a 3rd but i can't remember which of the two is not iffy.

    laptop was orginally purchased in a banged up condition.

    not cracks to casing, just some scuffs and marks here and there and on the lid. 10cm scratch on rubber lid.

    applied a few misc cooling mods, nothing fancy.

    Item #2 (still have orignal box)

    Cube i7 Stylus Tablet
    64gb ssd
    1920x1080 screen (no marks, just dusty)
    original case / cover
    original dock keyboard US/Eng
    original stylus
    original psu plug + uk adapter

    battery hold 100% charge, tablet has had little use, mainly because i watch stuff on my tv / pc.

    Item #3 (not pictures, boxed away at the moment)

    Razer Edge Pro spares / remains from faulty tablet

    touch screen was faulty had to toss.

    motherboard i7 3517u / gt 640m LE 2gb ddr3
    middle chassis section
    back cover with windows 8 product key
    light board, window button board, webcam, chassis buttons

    original psu, manual, usb recovery stick

    basically all parts but w/o complete screen assembly and missing synaptics board. might be missing a few screens but will try and locate as many as i can.

    might be useful for a repair job or spares.

    selling as job lot.

    will to post to EU / USA

    £360 total. shipping part of price.

    £150 - w110er
    £100 - tablet
    £60 - for razer bits
    £50 - shipping to us, if uk or eu will be cheaper.
    consider any other misc spares as free.


    touchpad of laptop, barely any wear, left button has a few small marks, right button was replaced.
    right side showing a little bit of glue residue
    left side showing glue residue from previous owners dodgy repair job, the bit with the glue on is undamaged and wasn't repaired, they just got glue on it.
    very basic cooling mod (removable)
    bios showing cpu
    tablet specs

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