FS: Moving sales- GPUs, CPU/mobo combos, others

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    Moving sales- GPUs, CPU/mobo combos, others

    Price: $10 USD

    Condition: Used

    Warranty: None

    Reason for sale: Moving back to home country

    Payment: PayPal

    Item location: Wasington, D.C., USA

    Shipping: Local pickup
    International shipping: No

    Feedback: None

    Specifications: Listing multiple different items here,

    Bargaining tips:
    I can price match most of the feebay buy it now listing, so feel free to challenge my price with whatever sensible you can find.
    Shipping cost back to china is about 10 cubic feet/ 0.25 m3 for ~$100 but I might also face ~10-20% import tax with the huge quantities of items I have. So take your chance.

    1. Razer Core v2 $175 shipped.
    Has two minor scratch (see pic). Will include TB3 40Gbps cable and power cord which are not shown in the pics


    2. G-skill DDR4 3000 8GB*2 DIMMs
    $50, or $55 shipped. I will include packaging if I can find it. But I don't think I will have any luck in that.

    3. G-skill DDR4 3000 16GB *2 DIMMs
    $115 local, or $125 shipped. Again, I will include packaging if I can find it. But I don't think I will have any luck in that.

    4. Corsair XMS3 8GB*2 DDR3 1600 pairs.
    $50 local or $55 shipped. Again, I will include packaging if I can find it. But I don't think I will have any luck in that.

    ==========CPU/Mobo Combo==========
    5. MSI 890GXM-G65 AM3 mATX mobo and Phenom II x6 1100T combo.
    $200 or $215 shipped. This is probably the most powerful combo if you do not want something fishy like the intel ME and AMD PSP running. Mobo, CPU and I/O plates only

    6. ASRock Z390 Fatal1ty itx and Core i9-9900k combo: $400 local or $425 shipped. mobo and CPU only. Does have the I/O plate and m.2 screws.

    7. ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6700xt
    Had for abt 2 months, only used for a few weeks. Protective sheets still on. Purchased from MC and can provide the original purchase receipt. $800 local or $825 shipped.

    8. MSI GTX 1080 ti Aero
    I intended to give this card to my cousin who's in UK (but things have changed a lot) so only used for VR kanojo and faceswap and slight mining (only during the coldest weathers). Card has been applied liquid metal but the LM stick on the heatsink. (Can provide pictures if needed.) Currently Noctua NT-H1 is applied.

    $500 local or $525 shipped. Card only.

    9. GTX 1080 ti Founders Edition: Mined card. roughly about 1/3 of the times since 2018 $500 local or $525 shipped.

    10. MSI RX580 Armor OC 4GB:
    Card only, has never been mined. $200 local cash or $225 shipped. I got the card from a local friend of mine and I know for sure he does no mining.

    11. MSI AMD RX 6800 Reference edition.
    Card was purchased brand new for $750 from r/hardwareswap, but arrived DoA (card crashed on default clock settings). As we all know at this frenzy as it has been like, it's almost impossible to get the card RMA'ed. I'd RMA it if I can stay in the US for a bit longer but now I have to find some one who's willing to take it over.

    It can still do mining just fine with underclock. Asking for $750 local or $775 shipped.


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    Hi, Id like to reserve these, lets discuss details via PM. Thanks
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    Hello , what do you still have , from the GPU list , in stock ? Thanks

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