[FS/FT] CLEVO GTX 1080 Mobile 8GB G-Sync

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    Price: $800 USD shipped or best offer or trade for GTX 1070 Mobile, GTX 1080 Mobile (Standard MXM), Quadro P5000/5200 AW17R1 compatible, any RTX MXM card

    Condition: Used

    Warranty: None

    Reason for sale: doesn't fit Alienware and don't have enough courage to modify MXM slot... yet!

    Payment: Personal Check, Money Order/Cashier's Check, international transfer, Revolut

    Item location: Lublin, lubelskie, Poland

    Shipping: Local pickup, Postal service, UPS
    International shipping: Yes
    Handling time: Ships within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment

    Feedback: https://allegro.pl/oferta/luksomierz-dt-1301-8310097355#aboutSeller

    Specifications: N17E-Q3-A1
    CLEVO card code: S-BJAHKJF

    So basically I got the card with intent on modifying the motherboard of either Alienware M17x R4 or 17 R1, but given the hassle with that, and the fact I can sell it or exchange it for something that will fit out of the box (and I am kind of hesitant when it comes to mutilating my beloved 17 R1) I am willing to part with it. The card is taken from CLEVO P775TM1, I'm including great condition radiator for that (full copper, but I believe that is CLEVO standard) and as a bonus a CPU radiator as well (also that model, also full copper).
    As seen in the pictures, the card has not been overheated, there was no bitcoin mining done on it either, it was bought from a trusted seller of mine. No sign of any reflow or any tampering, memory and chip are mint state (I mean except from my grubby mittens leaving greasy prints on the core, there isn't even a single scratch on it, and that's something I haven't seen in a while). Should work right out of the box.

    More than a sale, I am actually interested much more in trading it for an MXM card of similar performance, be it either a 1070 Mobile, a 1080 Zotac/PNY or any other sensible format card, or a Quadro, such as P5000/5200 (I already have a P4000 Mobile), or, if anyone is willing to trade, I'd take an RTX card, but I am aware that it's not likely.

    If you are interested in trading and feel undercut with your offer, I can provide you with some deal sweetening Alienware parts, be it screens, keyboards, chassis, PSUs, , literally anything you might need for m15x R2, m17x R2/3/4/5, m18x R1/2. also some older Geforce/AMD cards in any state, working, busted, whatever you might need.

    ...And the other way around. I'd be glad to take some Alienware scrap from <2014 machines off your hands. Just let me know what you've got :)

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    Hopefully mine! MrMogwai has been communicating very well! Just waiting for it to ship over! :)
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