FS-EU : Dell E4200 - SP9600 @2.53GHz (BGA upgrade) / 5GB / SSD mSata / 12" 800p / backlit KB + parts

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    Dell E4200 - SP9600 @2.53GHz (BGA upgrade) / 5GB / SSD mSata / 12" 800p / backlit KB + parts

    Price: €70 EUR

    Condition: Used

    Warranty: None

    Reason for sale: My desire has passed

    Payment: PayPal

    Item location: France

    Shipping: Local pickup, Postal service

    International shipping: Yes, mostly EU

    Handling time: Ships within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment

    Feedback: https://forum.hardware.fr/transactions_reports.php?config=hfr.inc&cat=6&id_user=950326

    Specifications: Dell Latitude E4200
    SP9600 6MB @2.53GHz FSB1066 (can substain load at 2.13~2.26GHz with full fan speed using throttlestop and UV)
    5GB DDR3 1066MHz
    SSD mSata (+20€ to have the 240GB SSD already installed)
    12" display 1280x800 with webcam
    Backlit AZERTY keyboard
    Battery 58Wh (83% health)
    Wifi and 3G modem ericson
    Upgraded speaker (sounds better)
    65w compact or 130w "big" PSU

    + a lot of spare parts (including workind SU9600 motherboard) for 25€ more
    Photos : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NFnjL3MzjdREAmAN6GrCYt9S9Tjv3oN8?usp=sharing

    Make offer if needed, I only want money :)
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