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    Price Check: FS: - P150EM gaming notebook
    $600 + S&H USD
    Condition: Used
    Warranty: None
    Reason for sale: Modular GPU malfunction - got different computer
    Payment: PayPal, Money Order/Cashier's Check
    Item location: Merrillville, IN, United States
    Shipping: Local pickup, FedEx
    International shipping: No
    Handling time: Ships within 1 week of receiving cleared payment
    Feedback: eBay Feedback Profile
    Specifications: %95 sRGB gamut screen (upgraded from the %72) so it's appropriate for editing
    32GB DDR3 SODIMM 1066 (Again, for editing.)
    Intel i7 3610qm
    Hybrid Intel HD4000 + Modular GPU slot (was AMD7970M... still in there so the display works propery thru the HD4000, but is malfunctioning)
    Optical drive caddy for additional SATA drive
    Prema Mod BIOS to allow for custom GPU upgrades (like the Nvidia 980)
    IC Diamond on the CPU and GPU still

    No disk drive present.

    Back in 2012 I did a review here to help users maximize the cooling system's efficiency because Clevo did a pretty poor job of configuring their cooling systems. This system has never run without IC Diamond paste properly applied, and running with much lower temps than most P150EM's out there with their stock configurations. I used this machine as an editing desktop replacement; it was on a desk pugged into AC and on an aluminum grille cooling pad for about %98 of it's usage history. I discharged it 100 times maximum over it's lifetime so I know the battery still has it's full capacity, and every few months I used it solely on battery to drain and refresh it and keep it strong. I also used an external monitor, mouse, keyboard, and USB hub so everything on the laptop is still in excellent physical and cosmetic condition with minimal physical use or wear. The keyboard back lighting has no issues whatsoever.

    Pretty much the only thing wrong is an unknown component on the GPU failed, so the computer can recognize the card but not utilize it. The RAM alone is worth $250 so I figure asking $600 isn't out of the question, as folks still like this computer. The power button's cap jiggles a little bit too ;)
    Willing to part out if desired.

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