FS : CF-19 MK8 with SSD and GPS

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    2018-10-03 15.41.33.jpg 1) CF-19 MK8 CF-19ZL027M4

    2) Used

    3) [​IMG]

    4) 750 euro ($ 870) + shipping

    5) Paypal accepted

    6) Shipping via Belgium post

    7) Ebay account is Denrosten 100% (474) positive

    8) Due to the acquisition of a CF-20, i have to sell this one.
    It has a NEW battery (old one last 2 á 3 hours and is included)
    8 Gb ram and a new Samsung 250 Gb SSD
    It also has the optional LTE (WWAN) modem with GPS
    Attention ! the LTE card is the European version.
    Windows 10 pro installed with all drivers and updates
    Keyboard is US qwerty
    Charger and stylus included
    Attention Buyers: Please do not offer less than what the original poster asked for unless they specify "Best Offer". If you have a question about the price of an item please private message the original poster.
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