FS - CF-19 , 29 and 31 Port Covers OEM

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    1) CF-19 Rear USB
    CF-29 AC/DC, USB, Lan and serial cover
    CF-31 MK1 USB, Lan

    2) New

    3) under $100 . No pictured required

    4) Covers are $4.00 for the 29's and the 19's and 31's are $6.00 each

    5) PayPal or USPS money order

    6) USPS shipping is $4.50 in a bubble wrap envelope. If shipping is cheaper I will refund you the difference but that is what it cost me 2 years ago. You can ship up to 3 covers for $4.50 .

    7) eBay. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=nickscards

    8) These covers are the real deal. Not some China knockoffs. These were bought from Panasonic USA. I don't sell the cheap ones because they are not water or dust proof. They don't have the rubber seal around the cover.
    Attention Buyers: Please do not offer less than what the original poster asked for unless they specify "Best Offer". If you have a question about the price of an item please private message the original poster.
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