Fps drop at 75°C (thermal throttling?)

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by RafaelZBr, Jul 3, 2018.

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    i made a post in reddit, but was recommended to post here, so...
    I have my aw17 r4 with the 7820hk and an 1070 for -+6 months, in my first 2/3 months i had no problem, gaming at 60°c and good fps (even did some overclocking), but after this 3 months my laptop start giving me some fps drops (was at 80fps drops to 1 and comes back to 80, every ~30s) just in Forza horizon 3 and the division pubg (just gpu intensive games), the room temperature was about 30c (welcome to Brazil) but if i turn on the a/c (drop the room temperature to 19c)this stop, but from that day an now was getting worse, now even with tge a/c on, undervolted and underclocked i get fps drops, the laptop temperature settle in the 75-79c, idk if this is thermal throttle or any other problem, any thoughts?
    i really don't know if is thermal throttle, because if i use an fps lock and the temperature drops to 71°C, the fps drop stop (but playing at 30fps gives me kinda of a motion sickness) (and uses just 50% of the gpu)
    Solution that i already tried:
    Drivers (gpu, intel thermal something)
    Undervolting gpu and cpu
    Underclocking cpu
    Place the laptop higher on the desk for more airflow
    Formating windows
    Bios update (i can't downgrade because a lock in the bios 1.23)
    Uninstalling the GeForce experience
    Getting older drivers
    Disable kionix i/o (what this do?)
    Updating windows (insider)
    Downgrading windows
    maximum performance scheme on windows
    some tests that i did

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