Ford to end US car sales besides Mustang

Discussion in 'Motorized Vehicles' started by Mitlov, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Electric vehicles are a joke IMHO. I'll never purchase an electric vehicle as long as an ICE option is available. Even hybrids are off the table. Leave it to the extremist weirdo part of the population in Callie to lead the way on the tree-hugger fads, LOL. The problem with the knee-jerk solutions is they never consider the big picture, the long-term implications of leaping before looking and mistaking effort for results. They also operate on an assumption that the popular urban myths are truths (like global warming). The next crisis will be what to do with all of the far more dangerous worn out electric car batteries that present far greater danger as a biohazard. Not sure who they will plan to blame for the fallout on that one.

    Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

    Electric Cars Are Not Necessarily Clean

    Will Electric Vehicles Really Reduce Pollution?

    The first step is to get people like me to actually take them seriously. It won't be to "save the planet" LOL. Having the government play Robin Hood to subsidize the money-losing electric car industry isn't a good solution. Nobody makes any money selling them. It's a money-losing endeavor, and it's not necessary. I think this article (below) nails it in concept, but might be wishful thinking...

    Electric Vehicles Will Beat Gas Cars Because They Are Better, Not Because They Are Cheaper
    If your phone company offered you a shiny new rotary-dial telephone, hard-wired to the wall, but with a lower monthly bill, would you trade in your iPhone or Android? Probably not. People did not move to smart phones because they were cheaper. Consumers migrate to a new technology because it offers them benefits they appreciate, at a price they can afford and consider reasonable not necessarily because it is cheaper.

    ...we have got a long way to go before this happens. But, unless or until it does, electric vehicles cannot and will not be taken seriously. If "saving the planet" continues to be the driving force behind it, then it will fail. Only those that actually believe it needs to be saved will buy into it. That belief is only popular with those that believe it, and believing it doesn't actually make it true.
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    First, I don't like diesel. Second, for any given price point, you get a LOT nicer interior with a sedan than a truck (compare the interior quality, features, and rear seat space of that Colorado pickup to an Avalon/Lacrosse/Cadenza). Third, I like having a locking trunk for cargo security (leaving my laptop bag in it while going into a business, for example). Fourth, I don't like how trucks handle.

    Why buy a truck if you don't need a vehicle that does truck things? I drive to an office, not a work site, and I don't own a trailer.
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    Fifth: it’s a lot easier parking a sedan in the city (steet, parking garage, etc) than a truck.
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    A bit easier to park, but a bit less "pickup" capacity :)

    Then there's the Tesla "pick up truck" at the other end of the size spectrum

    And, then there's the Ford Hybrid Electric Pickup Truck... XL

    This one has a lot of interest:

    A $52,000 plug-in electric pickup truck w/ range extender receives over 5,000 fleet orders, opens reservation to the public
    Fred Lambert @FredericLambert - Jan. 9th 2018 9:41 am ET
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