Flashing CAPS & NUM Lock lights HP DV6-1211AX

Discussion in 'HP' started by sohrabgandhi, Mar 28, 2013.

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    This happened with me around 2 weeks ago. I was using my friend's HP Pavillion DV6-1211AX at night and shut it down properly. Next morning it refused to start up!

    All that it does is the CAPS and NUM lock lights keep blinking (one blink) and the CPU fan keep on rotating. There are no beeps or any flickering on the screen.

    I have checked out this link [ Blank Screen LED Error Codes ] and was informed that my processor might be faulty.

    The present processor is an AMD Turion RM-75 and I tried out another functional processor supported by my motherboard, mentioned in the HP service manual, AMD Turion Ultra RM-82, but it too resulted in the same error.

    I also tried to dead flash the BIOS but it just wouldn't read pen drives.

    I am really in a soup as my friend is now insisting that I get him a new laptop. I would appreciate any kind of help / suggestion / advice in this regard.

    Thanks in advance
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