Finally a better work-in case that the Higherground laptrap!

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Thaenatos, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Finally found an easy to use case for 11in and smaller notebooks that is true work in. Been eyeballing this case for a while and finally got a machine that works with it! Its the lenovo work-in case and highly recommend this to those who want a case to work in and easily pack up. Finally have the mobile setup Ive wanted since 1995 LOL! Heres a shot of what I saw in theaters and finally in late 2017 I have the ideal copy and couldnt be happier. So I just had to share in the off chance that there is somebody out there looking for this kind of setup.

    Heres the scene that started the quest. Basically what Ill be now able to do this summer instead of leaving the beach to work at the place, I can stay with my family if I need to work and enjoy a cold one on the beach with the family.

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