Few question about MSI GT75VR 8RG undervolting and repasting

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Marcin Przywóski, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    I bought recently MSI GT75VR 8RG (i9 version, 4K screen) and I have a few issues with it. It was performing fairly good on basic, altough I thought I'd go with a undervolt and repasting with Kryonaut.

    The GPU part seems fine, after undervolting max temps are about 65C with overclock of about 100 MHz (core)

    CPU however, didn't go so well. I belive I have done everything correctly but the thermals seems to be a lot worse then before. Around 10 degrees higher then previously.

    Question 1: Do you think the temps of CPU will improve by a lot when I'll repaste it with conductonaut?

    I have also noticed that when I try to undervolt the CPU in throttlestop or XTU, the voltage offset for core is changing at the same time as the cache one, it's not a seperate value. When I leave the cache voltage on stock and lower the core one in TS, it seems like the voltage is now lowered at all. When I leave the core on stock and leave the cache offset voltage the voltage does indeed seems to drop.

    Question 2: Do you know why is this happening? How to prevent that? Is there any way for me to seperate this setting ( in BIOS maybe?) so I can undervolt the core?

    If not, does anyone know the voltage values for the cache of the CPU? If I can't seperate these offset settings then I would set the voltage of cache to fixed amount and then try to modify core voltage offset.
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    1) You are using the worst thermal paste in the world (Kryonaut). Although from the same company, Kryonaut is horrible and starts degrading in performance every day, you will see your temps rise even more to the point where your laptop is not usable. Throw that garbage away. See:




    2) Use Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut or IC Diamond

    3) Since Skylake CPUs, the CPU Voltage and Cache Voltage are tied together, they have to be the same!

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