Fan cycling literally every second

Discussion in 'LG' started by cecirdr, Feb 4, 2020.

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    My gram 17 inch is about 6 months old. The fan is trying to spin up literally seconds after I boot up. Then it starts cycling. The LG control to go to silent mode does nothing. The fan keeps cycling as if I hadn’t used the panel. Whoosh, whoosh; whoosh, whoosh.

    I shipped it to LG to fix and they sent it back with exactly the same issue. They “diagnosed” something else and “fixed” that, but ignored the content of my ticket. They also ruined the cosmetic box by shipping it back to me in that instead of the outer brown box I shipped it to them in.
    IOW, I don’t trust them to send it back. It took them 2 weeks to even get me a shipping label!

    Ok, sorry, I’m ranting. Does anyone have an idea what’s up? What can I do? Listening to this fan is making me stir crazy. It didn’t do this when I first bought it.

    thx for any help.

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